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Latest News : Aranmula Kannadi made by our team become one of prestigious gift to invitees in recent Emerging kerala 2012 participated by all leaders of india

Why Parthasaradhy  is Your  Trusted  Shop for Aranmula Kannadi (Aranmula Metal Mirror)

1)  This web site is the Official web site of Aranmula Kannadi .COMThis Centre is the only one  Institution in Aranmula , having more than four generations of experience in making Aranmula Kannadi.  Read our Brochure.

2) We are the only Institution in Aranmula , made huge mirrors  With Mirror Size of  1 feet or More , Such Large construction need specialized  skills to Match quality.

3) We have made Aranmula Kannadi for Various Eminent Person, Aranmula mirrors Presented to Them by Various Dignitaries in Public functions etc , Those eminent person Include ,UPA Chair person Mrs Sonia Gandthi( two 6 inch mirror with one frame in sandal and one in brass ) , National Award winner Malayalam Super Star Mohan Lal  ( One 8 inch Mirror and One One Feet Mirror ) , Former Vice Prime Minister L .K ADVANI  ( 8 inch Mirror) , Former Information and Broad Casting Minister Sushma Swaraj  , Former Human Resource minister Sri Murali Manohar Joshi.   etc

 From Rediscover India´┐? through indigenous technology: Joshi 1999 May 12  ) " Union Minister for Science and Technology Murli Manohar Joshi today urged the scientific community to tap the immense potential of indigenous technological talent in the process of "rediscovering India".  Praising the role of the TIFAC, Sri Murali Manohar Joshi. suggested identifying and encouraging homegrown technologies like Kerala´┐Żs metallic mirrors (Aranmula Kannadi). "  

Because of the help of these eminent person Aranmula Kannadi gets Patent protected with a Geographical Indication tag.Only eight Indian commodities have been stamped with the Geographical Indication tag -- Darjeeling Tea, Pochampalli Sarees, Salem Fabric, Goa Fenny, Solapur Fabric, Pavitra Modaram (Ring) from Payyanur in Kerala, Chanderi Silks and Aranmulai Kannadi (Mirror) from Kerala.

4) Leading MNCs and State Government Organizations taking Mirrors from us only As they are aware of quality .We have experience of making Mirrors for Various Big Corporate MNCs and State Government organizations. Because of Our Experience Quality and Service  They became our regular costumers. There may be Cheaper Items available please beware of duplicate items. We are very strict on quality Control , Buy Mirror from Us to get Proper quality





                  There is a great difference between ordinary mirror and the metallic mirror. In an ordinary mirror, there is a silver nitrate coating which reflects the light and thus presents the image of the object. There is no silver coating on the metallic mirror. When you touch a piece of paper on the surface of an ordinary mirror, there appears a gap between the object and the image where as in the Aranmula metal mirror there is a point touching of two images and there exists no gap  between the images.

  As per the foresaid conclusion of the research that after finishing, the appearance of  columnar and equixed grains (i.e. craftsman say this glaze on the mirror surface "eye of the mirror") shows its full clarity.

NOTE:- For this process the workman requires much devotion practice, attention and patience.




                    The mirror should be kept under room temperature away from heat and dust. The article used for polishing the frame of this mirror  should not come in contact with the mirror. Paint with moisture if any should be cleaned off immediately.




                     If some one by mistake touches the mirror, their finger prints can be seen on the´┐?surface. this can be cleaned off, only if you rub it with cotton /velvet cloth smoothly on the surface of the mirror within 5 minutes in vertical direction and if it is not´┐? properly cleaned, then sprinkle a bit Brass cleaner available in the market like "Dhara Cleaner " on velvet cloth or mirror cleaning cloth ,Fold the Cloth to 3 layers, Cleaning Drops should be upper layer and Clean with Bottom layer on aranmul kannadi and hold it in a slanting position allowing the dust and other particles rubbed off from the reflective surfacefont>

The mirror should be cleaned once in two weeks, firstly remove the dust on its surface with smooth cloth, Otherwise dust particles or the fungus deposited on the surface of the mirror will result in oxidation and cause damage to the mirror. Sometimes a yellowish colouring is seen on the frame, which can be cleaned off by rubbing with Brasso. .

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                      Take a piece of smooth cotton cloth, fold it twice and put drops of brasso on the cloth and rub it with the other part of the cloth. If any change is seen on the frame by rubbing with brasso,then clean it with a piece of smooth cotton cloth.

ARANMULA KANNADI is described as the mirror of goddess Parvathi which brings prosperity to those who keep it welcomes you in the drawing room of the elites.





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Aranmula Kannadi home page |  | Aranmula Kannadi Mirror Prices and Models
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